For about two years, the Europaschule Erkelenz has been one of the few project schools in North Rhine-Westphalia - under the label "Schule mit Schwung" (school with drive) - to promote the so-called executive functions. Games and exercises in combination with movement are used to train working memory, impulse control and the ability to change.

Progress in these areas helps the pupils, among other things, to better control emotions and to concentrate more specifically on lessons, which leads overall to increased learning performance and positive changes in behaviour.

Based on this successful experience, French teacher Dominique Pierre and Hans-Jürgen Peisen, the facilitator for executive functions at the district government in Cologne, took the next step and applied to participate in an Erasmus project. The aims of the project are cross-border exchange and cooperation in the field of mobility activities. The participation of the Realschule makes it possible for us to exchange experiences with other European countries on the topic and to create a database with further knowledge, methods and exercises, which can then be accessed by all interested schools from the EU area.

Therefore, last week the school officially received the accreditation documents for the Erasmus project as a starting signal, which were handed over to the two initiators from the hand of the headmistress, Mrs Rudig.